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It simply makes sense to outsource the management of official files and records to a third-party with training and experience in doing this job instead of leaving it to a peon/ housekeeping staff.

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Our facilities are built to keep physical files and documents protected from damage, destruction and theft.


High-quality scanners to convert documents into electronic format and tagging for easier search capabilities.


Set up data storage on cloud or local servers in the form of document management systems.

safe destruction

Help set up retention policies for official records and thereafter ensure safe destruction when the useful lifecycle of a document is over.

mailrooom services

Accept physical mail at our address on behalf of client, share it in electronic format and retain it for the duration of its lifecycle.

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How It Works

Quite simply, really! Our team comes, packs your files into corrugated boxes, and takes them away for storage. So you can focus on growing your business.

Get an Estimate

Our team will visit your site to inspect the volume of records and provide an estimate of time and costs.


Plan Resources

After mutual discussions on sequencing of records for packing, we will plan our resources and team for the job.


Schedule packing

We can start a job within 1-2 weeks of sign up. We are happy to work with shorter deadlines and urgent.

State-of-the-Art Infrastructure!

We follow the best industry practices to ensure the safety and security of your records and information from damage, destruction and theft.

Dry powder cylinders that get automatically deployed in case temperature crosses 70°.

Continous monitoring through CCTV cameras inside premises and storage areas.

Smoke detectors at a distance of 6-8 feet in every aisle to ensure early detection of fire.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you track records?

We have a customised software based on barcodes that creates a map:

  • A file is mapped to a box
  • A box is mapped to a location/ rack
  • A location is mapped to a warehouse.

When we need to retrieve a file, we check this map and locate the box for processing.

How is data stored at your end?

We do not make any copies of files and documents handed over to us. We only make an inventory of the contents and upload that inventory onto our WMS. This data is hosted on AWS or Google servers to ensure top-of-the-class security for your data.

How do I find the file I need?

At the time of packing, we make a detailed inventory of the contents of a box. Thereafter, we provide a soft and hard copy of that inventory.  Any time you need a file, you can search the Excel provided to you and locate the barcode of the file/ box to place your request. 

What measures do you take to ensure security?

We follow best industry practices to ensure the safety of your records. Round-the-clock security, coupled with CCTV survelliance and controlled access to storage areas, ensures protection against theft. Smoke detectors for early-warning and automatically deploying fire cylinders keep records protected against fire. Frequent pest control, regular termite treatment and humidity monitoring add another layer of protection to the physical safety of your records.

How quickly do you deliver records?

We offer two types of services: same-day service and next-day service. Depending on what you opt for, we will service the request accordingly. Our teams will do their best to ensure you get the file when you need it!

How does pricing work?

Our pricing model is quite simple. We charge a one-time fee for packing and transport of files and documents from client site to ours. Thereafter, we charge a monthly per box fee for maintenance of records on our premises. Additionally, we provide a schedule of charges on per file/ box basis for support services, such as physical retreival, safe destruction, onsite access, and so on.

Do you barcode every document?

That depends on your exact requirements. We have done it in the past, but such requests have been far and few. Our recommendation is that unless you need to access your records at document-level, it is unnecessary and only adds to cost.

Can we visit the storage facility?

We are happy to host our clients for an annual visit for facility audit purposes. We require a 48-hour notice for the same for processing of paperwork and verification of ID cards, etc. All visitors are required to follow protocol and ensure no disruption to regular operations.

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