We track documents

  • The average company loses 15% of documents it receives or generates and misfiles another 20%.
  • Employees then spend 30% of their time looking for these missing documents.
  • Searching for lost documents, costs about 6 times the cost of the original document
  • And recreating them costs 11 times the cost of the original document.

{Source: Coopers & Lybrand (now PwC), ARMA International, Delphi Group}

In helping you find documents quickly, we save you quite a bit of money, time and effort.

We store documents

Keeping inactive documents in office takes up valuable real estate. And it is often difficult to keep the records secure from theft, damage and destruction.

We store your documents in a secure facility with access control, fire prevention measures and regular pest control treatment.

We safely destroy documents

A controlled process of document destruction prevents accidental destruction, accumulation of obsolete records and is environment friendly.

We use track your documents through their lifecycle, ensure timely destruction in a manner that is secure and checks misuse of data.