Records should have custody control and authorized destruction

The history of the 1971 India-Pakistan war will never be fully written. Most of the official records of the war that led to the liberation of Bangladesh have been destroyed.

The destroyed files include those on the creation of the Mukti Bahini — the Bangladesh freedom fighters — all appreciation and assessments made by the army during the war period, the orders issued to fighting formations, and other sensitive operational details.

This happened because there was no custodian of the document. Is this happening in your organization too.

Custody Control & Audit

Reliable Records keeps your documents in a secure facility. Only those authorized by you can access these documents. And all access is documented and reported to you.

Authorised Destruction

All records placed with us carry a destruction date. This prevents unnecessary of accumulation of documents and on saves cost of storage.

Close to destruction date, we confirm destruction and provide you a destruction certificate. You may extend the retention period if the documents are required for a longer period.

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