The following process explains what we do. Remember that all the steps may not apply to your records. Moreover, you may choose to manage some of these activities in-house.

Step 1: Clean and sort

  • Clean the records of dust and cobwebs.
  • Sort out damp or wet records. Dry them and re-file if they can be salvaged.
  • Sort out records that show signs of pests like termites or silverfish.
  • Copy the pest-infested paper if need be and then destroy the originals.
  • Segregate records as “obsolete” and “inactive”.
  • Shred obsolete records.

Step 2: Pack and inventory

  • Pack inactive records in boxes.
  • Make an inventory of packed records.
  • Note the destruction date, or the retention period, for each set of records.
  • Label the boxes with barcodes.

Step 3: Transport, Store and Record

  • Transport packed records to our storage facility.
  • Scan the barcode on the boxes using handheld scanners.
  • Place the boxes on our heavy-duty steel shelves custom-built by Godrej.
  • Scan the barcode on the shelf marking the location of the box.
  • Record data includes information on location of the box in the facility, destruction date, contents of box and any other details you would like us to store.

Step 4: Retrieve and Destroy

  • On your request, retrieve records and deliver them to your office.
  • Notify you when records are obsolete and on your instructions, shred them such that the information on the documents is no longer usable.