Biometric access control & back-up

We use a fingerprint reading system to control access to the storage area in our facility. We have backed up this biometric system with an old-fashioned lock-and-key system and a security guard.

Fire prevention

We use a ceiling-mounted system that deploys automatically if temperatures reach 70 degrees. The system releases a chemical powder that reacts with the heat to put out the fire. This system prevents any water damage to the records.

Pest control

We have contracted Pest Control of India to run a fortnightly treatment to prevent pests and rodents in the facilities.


We use a custom-built warehouse management system and barcode scanners to track your documents.


Your documents are stored in customized corrugated boxes. These are designed along international specifications. They are double-walled and strong enough to support the weight of a grown-man. And they look smart so you won’t be embarrassed if a stack of these is in your reception when a client walks in.